Melting Snow

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Dec 162013

Snow is starting to melt and because of all the snow melting its creating leaks in crawl spaces and basements. Don’t fall victim to mold by not cleaning it up properly, call the experts we rent, sell, and refer contractors. When any type of flood or water loss happens in a structure commercial grade air movers, dehumidifiers and air scrubbers are what you need.

We have Dehumidifiers for any Flood or Water Damage

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Dec 042013

There are several types of Dehumidifiers LGR are the most common type, Desiccant, and Heat Trailers. At Extreme Supplies we have access to any type of Rental Dehumidifier that you may need to dry your wet structure. Please call us for all of your rental Dehumidifiers needs.

Disinfecting and Sanitazing after floods

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Nov 212013

As most of us know Super Storm Sandy effected half of the united states. Cleaning up after a storm of this magnitude is important. Flood waters carry bacteria, disease and many other infections microorganisms. We carry one of the largest varieties of chemicals from disinfectants to stain removal cleaners. We also Feature Benefect its 100% green and cleans better the most harsh bleach based chemicals.

Flood Cleanup Supplies

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Sep 052013

 At Extreme Supplies we are a full service Flood Supply company. You can come to our show room or purchase supplies at our on line store by clicking on the tab store on the tool bar on this web site, or go to any of the links on the side of the page where every thing is in categories. Or you can call us direct at (866) 287-6080 we have people on call 24/7/365.

No more Scrubbing

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Aug 282013

Extreme Supplies carries one of the largest varieties of cleaning supplies on the market today from Drying equipment to Disinfectant and Environmentally safe Cleaning Chemicals like Benefect. So if your in need of cleaning 

Odor Removers

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Jul 292013

Air scrubbers are devices that are used to remove particles, gases, or chemicals from the air within any given area.  While most air filtration systems of this type are designed to handle only one of these types of pollutants, there are a few Commercial air cleaners that will handle two and even all three contaminants.

Tons of Rain and Lots of Flooding

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Jul 012013

Cleaning up a flood is not an easy job for anyone so Extreme Supplies is here to help. Our company prides itself on helping those in need, we understand that individual homeowners and contractors may not be able to afford commercial air movers that’s why we give all of our customers the opportunity to Rent air movers, dehumidifiers and air scrubbers to help with the cleanup process.

Commercial Cleaning Needs

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Jun 172013

Our line of cleaning supplies can be used throughout commercial buildings like office, dentist, even factories. We also offer all size commercial dehumidifiers as well as air movers and desiccants.

Cleaning Supplies for all your restoration needs

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May 282013

We carry a full line of products that can handle all your household and commercial restoration needs. Stain removers that get out the impossible as well as 100% green disinfectants like Benefect. We have degreaser that can remove years of built up grease on bbqs, stoves, commercial kitchens. Call today or click on our web site for a full list of products and online purchases.

Carpet Cleaning

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May 092013

In need of carpet cleaning supplies. we carry a full line of of chemicals and tools for any of your restoration needs.

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